Breakwater Investments Ltd

Engineering, Shipping & Logistics, Oil & Gas

Breakwater Investments Ltd

Breakwater Investments, previously marine and engineering services group of companies HV Marine, is a group providing engineering services, the mobility of goods and cargo across regions, ship-to-ship operations and the servicing of major oil companies and their fleets in Malta, Poland, the UK and the Mediterranean.


Motherwell Bridge Industries

Motherwell Bridge Industries is a Mediterranean leader in customised engineering services. Operating from a 15,240 square metre workshop in Malta’s Hal Far industrial park, Motherwell Bridge Industries is able to deploy specialist teams at sites in various regions simultaneously.

Established in 1992, Motherwell Bridge specialises in mechanical and electrical engineering, on-site construction and maintenance of port-handling equipment, non-destructive testing inspections, technical training, and tooling.

Motherwell Bridge Industries is the official Malta representative for Hoffmann Group's portfolio of 65,000 tools, and the official Malta service agent for industry leaders Terberg, Allison, and Tranter.


Techniplus, part of the Motherwell Bridge Industries, is engaged in the maintenance and servicing of port cargo handling equipment. Its major customers include the operators of Morocco’s largest ports at Casablanca, Tangier, Agadir and Jorf Lasfar, manufacturers, steel plants, and mining companies. It also conducts business in Mauritania, Senegal, Tunisia and Algeria.

Shipping & Logistics

Carmelo Caruana Company

Carmelo Caruana Company Ltd is a Mediterranean leader focused on delivering excellence in free trade zone warehousing and logistics, ship and liner agency services, and ship-to-ship operations through a portfolio of companies since 1923. Carmelo Caruana Freeport Operations delivers tailored solutions in a free trade zone, including warehousing, repackaging, relabelling, value added services, and cross-docking.


Allcom specialises in a comprehensive range of freight forwarding services and warehousing, supporting customers in diverse sectors in Poland. From its offices at Gdynia and Gdansk ports on the south coast of the Baltic Sea, Warsaw and Bydgoszcz, Allcom’s team shares a wealth of expertise and connections to a robust global network of customs agencies. Allcom’s core business is door-to-door and port-to-door freight forwarding of containerised cargo, including food products, chemicals and construction materials. The company also provides customs clearance, project cargo and warehousing solutions.

Professional Courier Services

A company focusing on last-mile package delivery services for international courier companies.

Oil & Gas

STS Marine Solutions

STS Marine Solutions is a world leading STS service provider with over 30 years’ transfer experience involving crude oil, refined petroleum products, LPG and LNG. Its core activities comprise Oil & Gas and LNG support operations, LNG Terminal Management, Emergency Support Services and Consultancy. With 24 operating bases, the business is based in Sunderland, UK, and manages two brands: OilSTS and LNGSTS.