Breakwater Investments Welcomes New CEO Brano Kollar

Breakwater Investments Ltd, a subsidiary of Hili Ventures which specializes in engineering, shipping & logistics and oil & gas operations across continents, has appointed Brano Kollar as its new Chief Executive Officer.

Formerly known as HV Marine, Breakwater Investments has undergone a transformation consolidating Hili Ventures’ shipping and logistics, engineering, and oil and gas companies under one umbrella brand. Established as a start-up in 2019, HV Marine was the holding company for Malta-based Motherwell Bridge Industries and Techniplus in Morocco, both leaders in the provision of customized engineering services. Earlier this year, following the acquisition of Hili Logistics Ltd, a holding company comprising ALLcom (based in Poland), Carmelo Caruana Company (based in Malta) and STS Marine Solutions (based in the UK), HV Marine rebranded to become Breakwater Investments. The organization employs more than 230 people and is expected to reach over €35 million in turnover this year.

A new board of directors will be appointed, bringing together industry veterans to support the company’s growth. Ann Fenech, Partner at Fenech & Fenech Advocates and president of the Comité Maritime International; Alex Montebello, Malta Freeport Terminals CEO and Vice Chairperson of the Malta Maritime Forum; and Michael Gatt, former CEO of Atlas Insurance PCC Limited will serve as independent non-executive directors.  They are joined by Melo Hili, Annabel Hili and Dorian Desira from Hili Ventures.

On welcoming the new CEO, Archie Bethel, Chairman of Hili Ventures, said: “Breakwater Investments is more than a name change; it symbolizes our commitment to driving growth in these industries, fueling innovation and expanding on our delivery of first-class services. As we celebrate our 100-year maritime legacy, Brano and his team will continue to steer the group in charting its new course.”

Chief Executive Officer Brano brings with him valuable international experience, having held various leadership roles across Africa, the Middle East and Asia at Aggreko UK for over 15 years. His expertise in international sales, marketing, and logistics will be instrumental in furthering Breakwater Investments’ strategy.

Breakwater Investments’ new CEO Brano Kollar.

About Breakwater Investments Ltd

Breakwater Investments, a subsidiary of Hili Ventures, is a dynamic group specialising in engineering, shipping & logistics and oil & gas operations across Europe, North America, North Africa, the Middle East and Asia.

About Hili Ventures Ltd

Hili Ventures is the holding company of a diversified group with a deep-rooted entrepreneurial heritage dating back to 1923. Through its various subsidiaries, Hili Ventures is engaged in food service & retail, real estate & hospitality, shipping & engineering and technology in 11 countries across Europe and North Africa with a team of 11,000 people.  


From its headquarters in Malta, Hili Ventures steers its subsidiaries towards continued growth in selected sectors and markets. Hili Ventures is a proud partner of Apple, iRiparo, Konecranes, McDonald’s, Microsoft, NCR, Six Senses and many other global brands.