Hili Company, the logistics division of Hili Ventures, has entered into a joint venture agreement with leading international energy logistics company Peterson to provide oil and gas logistics services across the Mediterranean and North Africa.

Due to growing customer demand from the region, Peterson (Malta) Ltd will provide supply base services, warehousing and logistics management, procurement and recruitment, for oil and gas clients in the Mediterranean and North Africa. The company currently has more than 2,000 square metres of freetrade zone warehousing space in Malta, with access to a further 4,000 square metres of yard space for logistics supply base services.

Peterson offers a comprehensive range of safe, reliable and value added logistics solutions to the global energy industry from locations including the Netherlands, North America and the northeast of Scotland. Established in 1920, the organisation has expanded throughout the UK with facilities at several prominent ports, including an integrated asset base in Aberdeen.

The joint venture marries Peterson’s expertise in global oil and gas support with the wide-ranging capabilities of Hili Company, the internationally-focused group incorporating key capabilities in logistics, including global air, road and sea freight, ship agency and tramper services, clearances and deliveries, warehousing, courier solutions, ship-to-ship operations, and project cargo.

Its portfolio includes Mediterranean shipping and logistics firm Carmelo Caruana Company Ltd, logistics firms Baltic Freight Services, operating from Vilnius, and Prime Logistics based in Minsk, and a joint venture with leading shipping line CMA CGM.

Hili Company chief executive officer Davide Biron said: “We were attracted to Peterson because of its innovative approach to the oil and gas industry, with a strong focus on technology and collaboration. The joint venture will combine our broad range of capabilities with decades of oil and gas logistics experience from Peterson. Peterson is able to partner customers for a wide spectrum of operations and projects, including the decommissioning of oil rigs and repairs.”

Peterson director Jim McSporran said: “Our agreement with Hili Company provides us with additional strength to better serve our clients in this important region. As a result, we look forward to providing customers in the Mediterranean and North Africa with even greater cost-effective and innovative supply chain solutions.

“Our continuing investment in technology allows us to offer customers industry- leading solutions through our suite of digital applications which includes eCargo, the first system to digitise quayside operations, making them more transparent and efficient, including the handling of transport requests, container management and cost allocation for supply vessel pools.”