1923 Investments

1923 Investments plc is a diversified holding company focused on the pursuit of opportunities to acquire and nurture companies to generate attractive returns and maximise value for stakeholders. Formerly known as PTL Holdings plc, 1923 Investments plc embraces a broad remit. It has a diverse array of operating subsidiaries across four reportable segments – technology, Apple Premium Resellers, logistics, and oil & gas. Its commercial activities are located in Malta, Poland, Hungary, and the UK. 1923 Investments plc is the investment arm of Hili Ventures Ltd, its ultimate parent.



Carmelo Caruana Company Ltd

Carmelo Caruana Company Ltd is a Mediterranean leader focused on delivering excellence in free trade zone warehousing and logistics, ship and liner agency services, and ship-to-ship operations through a portfolio of companies since 1923. Carmelo Caruana Freeport Operations delivers tailored solutions in a free trade zone, including warehousing, repackaging, relabelling, value added services, and cross-docking. Global Parcels Ltd is the representative for General Logistics Systems, one of the leading parcel service providers in Europe.


Global Parcels Ltd

Global Parcels Ltd is the Malta representative of Netherlands-based General Logistics Systems (GLS), one of Europe’s leading parcel service providers. General Logistics Systems is a pan-European company which provides reliable, high quality parcel services and logistics solutions. The GLS system consists of 36 central transshipment points, 678 depots and 13,000 people. A fleet of 18,000 vehicles are on the road moving 350 million parcels annually for 228,000 customers around Europe. Global Parcels can provide a comprehensive range of air freight solutions into and out of Malta to the European Union, the Americas and the Asia Pacific region. Our dedicated team can also provide rapid customs clearance and delivery services.

Gozo Express Services Ltd

Based in Gozo, the island off Malta, Gozo Express Services specialises in last mile delivery services for international courier brands and international courier exports. ​


Allcom Sp. z o.o.

Allcom specialises in a comprehensive range of freight forwarding services and warehousing, supporting customers in diverse sectors in Poland. From its offices at Gdynia and Gdansk ports on the south coast of the Baltic Sea, Warsaw and Bydgoszcz, Allcom’s team shares a wealth of expertise and connections to a robust global network of customs agencies. Allcom’s core business is door-to-door and port-to-door freight forwarding of containerised cargo, including food products, chemicals and construction materials. The company also provides customs clearance, project cargo and warehousing solutions.


CMA CGM Malta Agency Limited

Malta liner agent for CMA CGM, the world’s third largest shipping line. CMA CGM Malta Agency enhances the island’s standing in a growing global network and strengthens the brand’s commitment to the Mediterranean’s connectivity.


Apple Premium Resellers


iSpot encompasses more than 30 Apple Premium Resellers in Poland and Hungary. In Poland, iSpot is the country’s largest Apple retailer with a network of 26 stunning Apple Premium Resellers. iSpot stores are located in major cities nationwide including Warsaw, Krakow, Gdansk, Gdynia, Wroclaw, Lodz, Lublin, Poznan, and Katowice. iSpot stocks the complete product range for Mac, iPad, and iPhone and an exciting variety of software and accessories from Apple and major technology and fashion brands. iSpot meets Apple’s strict Premium Reseller requirements, and has been recognised by Apple for providing top level customer care in relation to solutions, service, and support from Apple. iSpot also operates five Apple Premium Resellers in Hungary under the iCentre brand.



iCentre is a brand of Apple Premium Resellers located in Budapest. iCentre follows Apple’s blueprint for Premium Resellers to reach Apple-approved standards for store service levels, and customer support. It engages customer services professionals, trained to gain a deep knowledge of the Apple brand and every Apple product.



Harvest Technology

Harvest Technology plc is a group of technology-based activities brought together by design to create a critical mass of management expertise, technological prowess and operational excellence. Our portfolio of successful businesses delivers impactful, intuitive solutions to customers operating in sectors like banking, aviation, pharmaceuticals, state agencies, online gaming, retail and more. We have a team of more than 120 industry specialists. Harvest Technology incorporates PTL Ltd, APCO Ltd, APCO Systems Ltd and Ipsyon Ltd.



In business since 1946, PTL has provided IT solutions since 1981 and now reaches out to customers with a vast portfolio of ICT and security solutions. PTL partners major names like IBM, Cisco, Prospero, Red Hat, and Lenovo. Across its international functions, PTL has a team of more than 100 dynamic professionals, experts in businesss integration, enterprise-wide solutions and contracted outsourcing. PTL’s multi-disciplinary team services a prestigious client base in Malta.



APCO Ltd is Malta’s leader in automation products and payment solutions. Its major clients include local and international banking organisations, retail operations and internet merchants. APCO enjoys the expertise of more than a dozen professionals, with a highly specialized skills set, and reaches out to the US and South America, Europe, North Africa and the Middle East, and the Far East. APCO’s structure has two key divisions. APCO Ltd is engaged in equipment sales, maintenance and other services, and provisioning of payment gateway services. APCO Ltd is involved in software development, operational support, and an internal data centre operation. APCO is the go-to provider of payment solutions, offering systems with payment processing for debit, credit cards and other payment platforms, including processing for mail and telephone order. Its hardware and automation solutions offering features ATMs, 24-hour deposit machines, 24-hour currency exchanges, EPOS terminals, plastic cards, and cash-handling equipment.


Apco Systems Ltd

APCO Systems provides payment gateway services for online retailers under its ApcoPay brand. It’s equipped with state of the art, customisable, security and fraud prevention tools along with advanced payment management functionalities. ApcoPay is simple to connect to – quick and easy integration, possible even within one day, PCI-DSS compliant, 3D secure and supports over 100 different currencies and suitable in any business for any industry.


Oil and Gas

STS Marine Solutions

STS Marine Solutions is a world leading STS service provider with over 30 years’ transfer experience involving crude oil, refined petroleum products, LPG and LNG. Its core activities comprise Oil & Gas and LNG support operations, LNG Terminal Management, Emergency Support Services and Consultancy. With 24 operating bases, the business is based in Sunderland, UK, and manages two brands: OilSTS and LNGSTS.